• Inenco has 25TW (£2.4bn) energy under management, which could power the whole of Ireland for an entire year!
  • We have one quarter of the total energy use by UK Industry under management
  • Our customers are paying 48% less than the market price for their gas commodity. That's a saving of £480k per £1m that would have been spent
  • Our experts process over 93,000 invoices per month and we've recovered over £11m in over-charges for our clients in the last year
  • Inenco look after 8,000 customers across the group, managing 140,000+ meter sites
  • We provide support to over 500 businesses for energy and carbon management
  • Inenco supported over 320 organisations with ESOS Phase 1 compliance and carried out more energy surveys than any other independent consultant in the UK
  • Our solutions team have identified savings of £37.5m per annum for our clients, a total of 495,338,992 kWh savings identified
  • Last year we saved our CCA clients alone £25.5m

Finding energy solutions for businesses with little or low credit score

Inenco are a completely independent energy consultancy, helping thousands of companies to purchase their commercial energy and our team are ready to help you beat the increase by comparing prices and switching now with minimum fuss.

Inenco have recently been awarded TGP’s Gold Accredited Quality Compliance Partner 2017 – An accolade held by only 2 TPI’s in the UK – which recognises that we sell in an ethical and compliant way.

Talk to our experts about your options today.

Why choose Inenco?

• No credit check required*

The last thing you need when your company is strapped for cash is to pay more for your gas and electricity. Yet a bad credit rating means energy will often cost you more at a time when you’re already in a tricky financial position. Inenco puts you back in control as we partner with suppliers who don’t require a credit check.

• Flexible payment options

We work in collaboration with suppliers who provide flexible payment options, allowing our customers to choose their preferred payment method. So, if you want to pay monthly by direct debit, pay as you go or on receipt – we’ve always got you covered!

• Fixed contract price

Inenco don’t determine price based on your line of business or your credit rating. Whatever payment options you choose, the price you pay stays the same. Our contracts enable you to avoid estimated or large unexpected bills.

• 100% acceptance guaranteed**

Whatever your situation, we guarantee a 100% acceptance rate for a business energy contract, call us for a solution that gives you the freedom you need to carry on running your business.

• Easy to switch

We ensure the overseeing of the transfer, supply and delivery of your energy so you can get on with the more important things.

• Free smart meters

Working with specially chosen partners means we can provide you with free smart meters so you can see your energy usage and spend in real-time, meaning no more estimated or large unexpected bills, helping you manage your cash flow and stay debt free.

* We may ask for a payment in advance if a payment method other than PAYG is selected. This advance payment will be used to settle the first monthly invoice. **  Must have electricity supply