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  • We provide support to over 500 businesses for energy and carbon management
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Carbon Disclosure Project

Let our experts guide you through your obligations

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a voluntary scheme which engages UK corporations to measure and disclose greenhouse gas emissions, at organisational level, outside of any regulatory obligation. CDP calls upon corporations to focus attention on carbon emissions, energy usage and reduction – wherever they are located.

Inenco’s CDP team have a wealth of experience in greenhouse gas analysis and reporting and have dedicated systems for the capture and analysis of global emissions data.

If you are a UK organisation who wishes to boost your CSR credentials by voluntarily publishing your global greenhouse gas emissions, then Inenco can help you engage with CDP.


How can I benefit?

We can help you to ensure you are getting value from your disclosure to CDP and relieve your organisation of the significant burden of gathering, analysing and reporting your organisation’s global greenhouse gas emissions data.

Identification of the correct scope and data sources and then using the correct conversion factors is an onerous task which we have intuitive processes to manage and we recognise the main driving factors when responding we have developed detailed practical knowledge of the CDP reporting and marking process.

With years as a CDP accredited company, we have built up excellent communication channels with the staff at CDP. We know where points are dropped unnecessarily and how to approach the process strategically to achieve the highest score possible.

Using a consultant gives your company ongoing technical support and reduces internal time and effort to complete your submission. Inenco can provide bespoke advice to maximise your score and improve your performance.

How do I respond?

CDP has recently invited companies to respond to its annual reporting scheme. Respondents provide data on their greenhouse gas emissions and environmental performance, which is then used to produce a published score.

Almost 2000 companies respond globally, with over 250 companies in the UK taking part. The questionnaires themselves can be complex but organisations that don’t respond to invitations are included in the publication of scores and awarded an F!

Our Expert Team

Our team of experienced carbon consultants will capture and analyse your global emissions data and construct your CDP emissions report in an intuitive and transparent format. We follow a structured process to carry out a robust and auditable greenhouse gas emissions analysis for all your operations.

We will also provide guidance on the measurement and reporting of global greenhouse gas emissions. The Inenco offering is also applicable to organisations that are not yet mandated to report on greenhouse gas emissions, but who wish to present an auditable and credible statement in their annual report.

Inenco works with a number of high-profile companies to maximise their CDP performance.

We have prepared responses for a broad range of blue chip companies. Last year an Inenco client achieved one of the highest scores awarded.

Why Choose Inenco

At Inenco, we can support you in delivering a whole range of reporting obligations, from CDP and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) reporting to Emissions Testing. Our dedicated compliance experts pore through your data, extracting the information relevant to each individual scheme so you don’t have to. As part of the service, we’ll also analyse the ways in which you can reduce your costs and improve efficiencies – helping you to maximise savings across your portfolio at the same time as meeting your obligations.

Our compliance experts can help you to derive the maximum value from available schemes within our holistic suite of energy-related compliance services.

Our experts use robust and defensible processes throughout delivery to ensure that a full audit trail is maintained, taking away the burden of compliance and giving you the ability to accurately budget for the financial impact of the scheme.

We have complete offerings for CCA support, GHG reporting services, and ESOS, applying economies of scale thanks to our in-depth understanding of your data.

Reporting to CDP doesn’t have to be a demanding and time-consuming task, Inenco offers a range of services to help you make the most of your submission. Responding can help your organisation to create a long-term, cohesive sustainability strategy and improve its overall reputation.

If you would like to know how we can help you respond to CDP or improve your score, talk to our experts today on 08451 46 36 26 or request a call back below.