The Challenge

Founded in 1826, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is an international scientific, conservation and educational charity whose mission is to promote and achieve the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats.

ZSL required a way to optimise their procurement, finding the right contracts at the best available rates. This had to tie in with a more detailed reporting architecture and the provision of AMR

ZSL required expert guidance around on-site generation of renewable energy and its inclusion into their portfolio without compromising their import contracts. And so a holistic approach was required to bring the two sides together and provide joined up reporting

“I am very happy with the services that Inenco have provided over the years, they’ve proved to be an excellent one-stop-shop partner for our energy needs and I look forward to continuing to work with them and strengthening our relationship. ”

Gwynne Morgan, Procurement Manager, ZSL

Inenco began working to fulfil these objectives by first conducting a comprehensive analysis of ZSL’s ongoing supply requirements and historical energy usage. Once past records and current processes had been scrutinised and a true position established, Inenco began direct negotiations on ZSL’s behalf in order to secure them the best possible contracts to serve their future energy needs.

Discovery auditing was undertaken on all utilities in order to establish a correct baseline of costs and correct any overcharges. Inenco identified high Reactive Power charges and an opportunity to reclassify their meter in order to improve their Distribution Network Operator charges.

Against a background of rising non-commodity charges, electricity contracts were placed which secured real-terms reductions and were from 100% renewable sources, in line with ZSL’s environmental directive. Gas negotiations were even more successful and long term contracts were placed which will reduce costs significantly.

Inenco took over management of ZSL’s CRC requirements, ensuring that the data and reporting was in line with the usage reporting and projections – this maximised cash-flow benefits by avoiding over-purchasing of carbon credits. Similarly, when ESOS launched, Inenco provided a fully compliant solution, allowing for the final reports to be signed off and submitted ahead of the original December deadline.

Our Approach

Establish Strategy

Based on ZSL's requirements and targets, Inenco helped establish a utility strategy to work towards

Procurement Strategy

Changing the way that ZSL purchase their energy has made considerable improvements to the bottom line

Contract Structure Strategy

By reviewing utility contract structures, inenco were able to achieve considerable refunds

Manage Ongoing

Inenco help ZSL to manage their ongoing compliance requirements, including Carbon Reduction Commitment data and reporting

Refunded through identification of an incorrectly classified meter
per annum saved each year
Real term reduction through electricity procurement activity
Real term reduction through gas procurement activity
The total amount of ZSL's annual energy costs saved by Inenco
Full Compliance
Through Inenco's CRC offering

If you would like to help ZSL in their mission to protect endangered wildlife please contact: Sandra Crewe, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Zoological Society of London:

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