Access your data through our bespoke data portals

Inenco Portal

Our latest development, with advanced features and added functionality including:

  • All your energy data in one place
  • Manage sites by exceptions
  • Identify trends through graphical representation
  • Improved design with optimised navigation for enhanced user experience
  • Advanced data manipulation
  • Export function for further manipulation
  • Ability to log meter reads
  • Query logging feature
  • Input production parameters & sustainability


Speak to your account manager today to discuss how we can provide you with access.

Inenco Online

The online data portal allows clients to see their energy data and basic data manipulation, visibility of trend information and more.

Inenco Streamline

Here you can find our very first online data portal offering, click below to access this data portal if you have Inenco streamline login credentials


This data portal allows clients to access trading information, market information and industry information, all in one place