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Giving small businesses a competitive edge through energy

If your business is a small or micro-business, you could be forgiven for thinking that there was very little an energy consultant could do to help you protect your bottom line. However, while you might currently be operating from one site and with only a handful of people, and your energy needs may not be as complex as larger, energy intensive businesses, there are still several great reasons why it’s worth working with an expert energy partner.

Comparison isn’t optimisation

Putting in a call to one or two suppliers for quotes might provide the quick fix of a cheaper energy deal but won’t give your business access to the whole marketplace or ensure your business is offered the best rates available from the suppliers you call. For that, you’ll need help from a partner with insight and experience, as well as long standing supplier relationships and the power to negotiate harder on your behalf.

We want to help you achieve the best possible prices with a supplier you can rely on and for a term that suits your business. We consider all the factors involved, to help you feel happier about your energy choices. And when you’re ready to take energy savings further by implementing efficiency measures, we’ll be on hand to help with that too.

You already have your hands full

As a small business owner or manager, you’re unlikely to work office hours only. Your days will be busy, your remit broad. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was just one less thing to worry about? Energy costs are likely to make up a significant percentage of your overall running costs but finding ways to push those costs down (and keep them down) can take time; time you simply don’t have.

Partnering with an energy consultant you trust can give you complete peace of mind that your business never pays more for energy than it needs to. From energy audits and invoice validation to supply contracts, we’ll take it all off your hands. And as the needs of your business grow, we’ll provide the data, analysis and insight you need to make the right energy decisions at the right time. It all adds up to a healthier bottom line – and some valuable support as you take your business to the next level.

You can depend on Inenco

The energy market is in a state of flux. With so much changing and prices on the rise, UK energy watchdog Ofgem have recognised that our nation’s smallest businesses require a level of protection similar to that provided for domestic consumers. After all, very few have their own in-house energy expert, and low levels of consumption means small businesses have limited bargaining power in negotiations with energy suppliers.

Ofgem intends to conduct a review of the market that will consider price interventions, increased transparency on tariffs and closer regulation of energy brokers, possibly including a new Third Party Intermediary (TPI) Code of Conduct. It’s an unfortunate fact that some energy consultants and brokers have not acted responsibly towards small and micro businesses in the past; a TPI Code of Conduct would certainly go some way towards solving this.

While better levels of protection are hopefully on the way for small businesses, choosing an energy partner currently remains a bit of a minefield. Inenco strongly supports the introduction of better regulation for our industry. We believe in putting customers at the heart of everything we do. We’re independent, we’re transparent, and we already follow a voluntary code of conduct. Put simply, you can rely on us to do the right thing.

The Inenco Commitment is our promise to always champion the best interests of our customers, regardless of their size or energy spend. You can read it in full here.

If you’d like to talk to one of our experts about how Inenco can help you with your energy needs, for today and as your business grows, please get in touch.