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Start planning ahead for ESOS phase 3

4 Feb 2022

ESOS Phase 3 is upon us. By acting now your organisation can get a head start on your compliance obligations.

Energy audits can be carried out any time from the end of phase 2 to the end of phase 3. Which means there’s no excuse for not submitting on time. The Environment Agency has been lenient with late submission fines for Phase 1 and 2 but they have indicated they will accept no excuse for non-compliance in Phase 3, with fines of up to £90,000 for non-compliance. By getting a head start you can alleviate the stress of a last-minute submission and can move promptly to use the actionable insight to support your sustainability objectives/decarbonisation plans.

What is the purpose of ESOS?

ESOS is designed to give organisations the opportunity to conduct an in-depth review of their energy use to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency. This allows businesses to reduce their usage and costs whilst helping to tackle climate change and lead the UK towards a higher level of energy security and drive the push to net-zero.

Who needs to comply with ESOS?

  • You have over 250 employees
  • A turnover over £44.1m
  • An annual balance sheet of £37.9m or
  • You are an overseas organisation with over 250 employees in the UK or
  • Your company is part of an organisation, which falls into any of the above.


What are the benefits?

Whilst most mandatory compliance schemes can often be greeted with much dismay, as one envisages mountains of paperwork, red tape, and general hassle; this scheme has been designed to genuinely help your business. ESOS not only helps raise awareness of energy consumption issues, but it also ensures that your company is running as energy efficiently as possible. This has several significant benefits; the main ones being, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills through energy efficiency.

To put it bluntly, acting promptly on ESOS is a “no brainer”. You are enabling your business to make the necessary steps to enable carbon net-zero whilst reducing your energy spend, which will have a positive impact on your business’s margins. This is especially important given the current erratic state of the energy market, with the rising price of electricity and gas there has never been a more important time to action the findings of your ESOS report.

And don’t forget, complying with ESOS will support Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework. The information from ESOS can be used to, for example, support energy emissions reporting and the narrative on energy efficiency action taken in your annual reports. Inenco is finding that many businesses and our clients are choosing to combine their SECR and ESOS. The benefit of a combined approach is the use of consistent energy data, a main focal point to deliver the end-to-end product delivery and less overall resource, reflected in lower associated costs.

Using a consultancy you can rely on

Starting your ESOS journey now with Inenco will mean less stress and more benefit for your business. We’re here to lead the way, providing expert guidance and communication through every stage of the compliance process. Step one will be a free scoping session to determine your obligation. Then we’ll begin building a structured plan tailored to your specific needs and turning compliance into an opportunity.

We have guided over 449 organisations through ESOS Phase 1 & 2 – achieving a 100% Environmental Agency audit rate.

Inenco has completed more than 1,440 site surveys and identified £37,531,485 worth of energy savings for our clients.

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