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Driving Reduction of Utility Costs

Client Name: Stagecoach
Working towards delivering on its Environmental Impact Reduction programme as part of its Sustainability Strategy, Stagecoach UK Bus asked for Inenco's help to identify excess waste from their water consumption and conduct a full consumption and charging audit review.

The Challenge

Stagecoach UK Bus has used the Inenco comprehensive bureau service for a number of years and as part of the collaborative relationship, the company discussed and then requested Inenco to conduct a full audit of their water supplies. Stagecoach’s environmental objective was to try to reduce their water consumption and validate any areas where there might be water wastage. Alongside this Stagecoach wanted to look at historical invoicing to potentially gain back any incorrectly charged costs from suppliers.


Our Approach


A fully comprehensive water analysis took place, undertaking charging tariff amendments, resolving charging errors and investigating excess consumption potential

Bench Marking

Inenco looked at an efficiency ratio bench marking analysis to identify those depots potentially wasting water


From here Inenco implemented a programme of efficiency and leakage surveys to rectify the concerns


The strategies in which Inenco carried out ensured that Stagecoach were being invoiced correctly by their suppliers and assisted with reducing their high consumption


The Results

Reduction measures have already been implemented and Inenco are continuing to work on solutions for sites with excess consumption identified during the surveys, which has the potential for additional savings for Stagecoach.

However, savings to date on their water costs, included a revenue recovery in excess of £100K, an approx 11% annual saving of total spend, and refunds recovered in excess of £100K. Including annual savings of £180K and rebates over £196K currently identified in the implementation process.

Quote Author Photo

“Working with the Inenco water team has enabled us to identify and resolve some technically complex and hidden issues that have helped us achieve on our challenging Sustainability Strategy targets as well as achieving financial savings. The Inenco team are knowledgeable and provide us with concise and understandable expert opinion on the necessary actions to be taken to resolve issues.”

Adam Moss, UK Bus, Head of Commercial Finance

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