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  • Our experts process over 93,000 invoices per month and we've recovered over £11m in over-charges for our clients in the last year
  • Inenco look after 8,000 customers across the group, managing 140,000+ meter sites
  • We provide support to over 500 businesses for energy and carbon management
  • Our solutions team have identified savings of £37.5m per annum for our clients, a total of 495,338,992 kWh savings identified
  • Last year we saved our CCA clients alone £25.5m
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Feeding Adelie’s energy procurement needs

Client Name: Adelie Foods Group
See how we helped feed Adelie Foods Group the procurement strategy they needed

The Challenge

Adelie Foods Group were looking for a reputable consultancy to help them with their CCA compliance and came to Inenco to help them maintain compliance and mitigate any further risk from non-compliance. Inenco then took the opportunity to look at their wider energy strategy. Adelie highlighted that they were looking for a more bespoke and proactive approach to procurement as a result of changing markets and price increases, and because they had been on a more traditional procurement method for some time.

Our Approach

Understand Adelie's needs

Inenco met with Adelie to better understand their processes and business objectives for the future. Inenco then presented Adelie with a solution that met their needs as well as some additional cost saving opportunities.

Targeted plan

We assessed Adelie’s compliance requirements and identified the best ways to achieve their targets while project managing the process.

Ongoing support

We supported with the administration tasks associated as well as implementing key cost saving measures, which also supported Adelie with their CCL (Climate Change Levy) relief to maximise their financial benefit.

Secured their procurement

Inenco also helped the client with their procurement method and identified that a capped procurement strategy using our Options solution would best support their energy requirements, providing longer term budget security to protect them from future price increases.

The Results

Throughout their CCA compliance service, we’ve saved Adelie Foods Group over £53K in 2017/18 for gas and electric and a projected £83K savings for the 2019/20 financial year. Inenco continue to ensure that the client is on track with their compliance and any actions that need to be taken are implemented straight away.

Adelie’s capped procurement strategy will outperform their previous strategy and allow them to benefit from market flexibility. Inenco were able to implement this strategy quickly and efficiently after having to apply a bridging contract to align Adelie’s contract end date with our portfolio, to ensure they were protected from any increases.



“I found Inenco to be very willing to bring us on a journey in terms of the energy market, and presenting relevant information available to make a decision, including a highly informative seminar. Once we had clarity on direction, the team ensured that the changeover process was completed smoothly”

Andy Mc Teare, Procurement Director, Adelie Foods Group

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