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Reporting on SEGRO’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

Client Name: SEGRO
Discover how our expert compliance team helped SEGRO align their reporting figures on their GHG emissions to meet reporting deadlines.

The Client

SEGRO are a leading owner, asset manager and developer of modern warehousing and light industrial property, with a rapidly expanding logistics portfolio serving major distributors.

As an innovative, sustainably-minded, publicly listed company operating in a growing and competitive sector under increasing environmental scrutiny, SEGRO respond to numerous sustainability reporting schemes such as mandatory GHG reporting, CDP EPRA and GRESB. These are vital for SEGRO to demonstrate their environmental credentials to stakeholders and potential investors.

The Challenge

The data they need to deliver these reports is stored in disparate energy and property databases covering thousands of meters across eight countries. SEGRO came to Inenco to devise a robust, transparent and systematic methodology for collating this data and drawing out the key indicators that demonstrate their improving environmental performance, meeting the standards of their external verifiers.

Our Approach

Scoped the requirements

We worked with SEGRO to identify all data sources and define detailed requirements, leveraging data gathered through the other energy-related services Inenco provide to SEGRO.

Built the process

We setup a bespoke calculation tool to merge multiple data sources and fill gaps in a standardised and auditable way. We provide comprehensive quarterly and yearly end reports to keep SEGRO informed of progress and to keep on top off data collection throughout the year.

Tailored reporting

We provided tailored reports to enable full compliance with the requirements of all reporting mechanisms Inenco support SEGRO on: Mandatory GHG Reporting, CDP, EPRA and GRESB

Assured quality

We supported SEGRO through assurance of the results by a third-party verification company, building in improvements and efficiencies for future reporting.

The Results

We delivered GHG emissions and other environmental figures in line with property industry-specific and international standards, which successfully underwent third-party verification. This greatly reduced the burden on SEGRO staff to meet reporting deadlines and provided certainty they were reporting accurately which is vital given the potential for scrutiny from investors.

Quote Author Photo

“The team at Inenco provide us with a standard of reporting that gives us confidence in the robustness of our data, and the guarantee of meeting our critical deadlines. This transparent and comprehensive reporting service greatly facilitates complying with the detailed requirements of the range of mandatory and voluntary reporting schemes we take part in to drive down our environmental impact and ensure compliance.”

Ben Brakes, Sustainability Manager, SEGRO Plc

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