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Water Audit

Client Name: A leading property management company

Inenco were initially contacted to help with ongoing charges, the site had not had any actual reads or any volume charges since summer 2018, whereby the site was unable to locate the incoming fiscal water meter, this meter had not been located by the Water Company on numerous visits to the site. This led to Inenco completing a supply tracing exercise on-site, which resulted in the meter being located. Upon initial inspection, the asset was not recording consumption. Inenco’s Solution Team cleaned the meter body, the meter head and replaced it on the meter body. This process started the meter working and concluded the agreed works.

Desktop analysis was completed, comparing the consumption to a similar site, leading to the identification of a greater water consumption on site. Further site investigations were carried out to determine sub-metering setup for the individual units, which highlighted a large discrepancy with incoming water volume vs water volume recorded via sub-meters. Findings were submitted to the client with the recommendation to carry out site assessment for  underground pipework location (site has over 750m of underground mains water pipework), incoming meter isolation valve (no valve to isolate clients side of the meter), leak detection exercise and supply and install two sub-meters in the units where no sub-meters are currently present. Inenco obtained and forwarded quotations for all the above works and forwarded it to the client.

The client arranged for the leakage to be rectified as a matter of urgency, the underground pipework was located, excavated, new pipework installed, backfilled and reinstated back to the original surface.

Since the leak repair volume has reduced by approx. 80m3/day, producing a saving of c. £60,000/year.

Inenco solutions team continues to liaise with the site regarding the install of two further sub-meter, pipework tracing project and installing the main isolation valve.

Inenco Solutions team is also in communication with the water company in regards to any allowances available with regards to the above works.

What can we learn from this?

Common problem

It is estimated that 3.1 billion litres of water consumed each day, is derived from leaks. This represents a significant opportunity for the client to identify savings to their clients, utilising Inenco’s expertise

Inenco audit capabilities

Inenco has a team of qualified engineers that are able to attend site to complete audits and identify potential water savings opportunities for the client’s clients.