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  • Inenco has 25TW (£2.4bn) energy under management, which could power the whole of Ireland for an entire year!
  • Our customers are paying 48% less than the market price for their gas commodity. That's a saving of £480k per £1m that would have been spent
  • Our experts process over 93,000 invoices per month and we've recovered over £11m in over-charges for our clients in the last year
  • Inenco look after 8,000 customers across the group, managing 140,000+ meter sites
  • We provide support to over 500 businesses for energy and carbon management
  • Our solutions team have identified savings of £37.5m per annum for our clients, a total of 495,338,992 kWh savings identified
  • Last year we saved our CCA clients alone £25.5m
  • Inenco are happy to report that we are Carbon Net Zero

The Cost of Energy Inaction Seminars Spring 2018

The cost of energy inaction: How much is energy going to cost you in the future?

With an ever changing market environment, it’s critical that energy managers assess their business’ current exposure, review energy budgets and consider their approach to energy risk management.

In spring 2018, Inenco hosted a a series of free-to-attend seminars across four locations focusing on ‘whole energy risk’ and the steps to manage it effectively.

During the seminars, our experts covered how best to approach energy procurement and the factors which can affect the cost of energy. They also talked about  appetite for risk and what level best suits a business’ needs, from budget certainty to day ahead purchasing. These seminars aimed to help delegates gain better insights in how to continually improve their organisation’s energy buying for the future.

Date: 06/04/18


Matthew Osborne, Principal Energy Trader

Matthew Osborne, Principal Energy Trader

Matt, who read Economics at University, is responsible for leading the development and formulation of risk management and trading strategies for Inenco customers. Prior to joining lnenco, he worked as a Senior Economist for Ofgem, managed industrial and commercial customers’ energy portfolios for Npower and also worked as a

Kevin Jackson, Lead Consultant

Kevin Jackson, Lead Consultant

Kevin has spent over twenty years working in energy procurement and energy efficiency in both the public and private sectors. Since joining Inenco in 1999, Kevin, a qualified Electrical Engineer, has worked with some of UK’s leading companies. His current role involves working with complex organisations to implement integrated procurement and energy management solutions to optimise risk strategies and minimise costs.

Robin Preston, Sales Director

Robin Preston, Sales Director

Robin has been in the energy industry for nearly twenty years working with major suppliers, such as Npower, e-on and Opus, assisting them to develop their energy products. Since joining Inenco in 2006, he has been instrumental in reviewing and developing Procurement product offerings.



Session 1: Introduction and overview

Presenter and Host: Kevin Jackson, Lead Consultant, Inenco

Your bill: What are the components that impact your price and how are they going to increase?

Buying energy: What are you trying to achieve and what is success?

Session 2: The energy markets

Non-Commodity Charges – Kevin Jackson, Lead Consultant, Inenco

  • What are non-commodity charges?
  • What are you going to pay going forward?
  • What can you do to mitigate some of the increases?

The Commodity Market – Matthew Osbourne, Principal Energy Trader, Inenco

  • An update on the market in the last 6 months and where it is going
  • What moves the market and how to manage risk?
  • How could a commodity strategy mitigate some of the non-commodity increases?


The Inenco Trading Game – Put your learnings into action

Session 3: Improve your buying for the future

Looking forward – Robin Preston, Sales Director, Inenco

  • Drawing up an integrated strategy for the future
  • What should you feed back to your board?
  • How to manage the risk and protect your business from the cost of inaction


Click here to download a copy of the agenda.

To download the full presentation, click here.

“Very informative, easy to follow with enough detail and without being overwhelming. Enjoyable, will attend again.”

- 2017 Attendee