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On Demand – NHS Webinar: Energy & the role it plays in Net Zero

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On-demand – Webinar: Energy & the role it plays in Net Zero

One of the very few upsides of the current turbulence in the energy market is to remind us that reducing consumption is key to mitigating the impact of rising prices. Current market turbulence is also likely to further boost the Government’s focus on the adoption of renewable generation technologies. both in terms of cost and achieving long-term energy security.

So, never has embracing the journey to achieve carbon net-zero been better aligned to also delivering lower costs and great energy security. We were therefore delighted to again partner with Universities & Healthcare Estates Innovation in the most recent of their webinar series.

Our own Senior Account Manager and NHS Specialist Beth Goodwin is joined by leading experts from both the NHS and University sector to discuss “Energy & the role it plays in net-zero”.

The expert panel focus upon:

  • Practical steps to project implementation
  • How to engender collaboration and share best practice
  • How best to build effective business cases
  • The challenge for organisations of harnessing the required skills
  • How best to manage stress and burnout amidst the challenges

Watch the webinar here

Date: 29/03/22