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On Demand – From Green Plan to Green Action

How NHS Trusts can ‘turn compliance into an opportunity’ – by creating an effective ‘Green Plan’— was the subject of a webinar presented in partnership with Health Estate Journal.

Experience suggests that the process of developing a Green Plan – or its Sustainable Development Management Plan predecessor – has been seen by many Trusts as a piece of compliance. Is your last SDMP gathering dust in a drawer or computer folder?

But some forward looking trusts are seeing their Green Plan not just as a piece of compliance but as a mechanism to drive real improvement in their environmental sustainability. As Health & Social Care amounts for 4-5% of the UK’s carbon footprint – the NHS’s recent net zero commitment could be in peril without a greater focus on delivering environmental sustainability across all parts of the NHS.

Date: 26/11/20


Bethany Goodwin, Account Manager

Bethany Goodwin, Account Manager

Beth is the Account Manager for our NHS client’s within the North of England, acting as the main interface between Inenco and our trusts to ensure we excel in our service delivery to the NHS. It is key for her that she understands the drivers from NHSi, CCGs and the SDU and how these impact on trusts day to day, changing their priorities and shaping how they interact with energy procurement.

David Oliver, Technical Product and Insight Manager, Inenco

David Oliver, Technical Product and Insight Manager, Inenco

David works in Inenco’s Solution team, delivering bespoke energy and water services. He also provides strategic advice to customers and is a regular contributor to and speaker at Inenco conferences, webinars and blogs.

David works closely with all functions at Inenco to develop holistic strategies for customers. He offers advice to customers on the impact of changes in legislation and policy.


On the webinar we discuss:

  • Creating your Green Plan – What is it, why is it important, and what you need to know
  • Going beyond compliance – using a Green Plan to drive change and set evidence-based objectives.
  • How to best report on performance.
  • Using data to baseline current performance, and setting evidence-based objectives.
  • Embedding the Green Plan in your Trust to engage key stakeholders and drive change.


Following the webinar, Health Estate Journal hosted a live Q&A where attendee’s of the webinar submitted questions to Beth and David.

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