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On Demand – The Feasibility of hydrogen as a net zero solution

This session is a follow up to a blog we published on the Inenco website earlier in June. The blog does serve as a good introduction to today’s topic so please have a read of that here.

As hydrogen is such a big topic we wanted to discuss some of the finer detail in greater depth.

Date: 09/07/21


Beth Goodwin, NHS Specialist

Beth Goodwin, NHS Specialist

Beth is the Account Manager for our NHS client’s within the North of England, acting as the main interface between Inenco and our trusts to ensure we excel in our service delivery to the NHS. It is key for her that she understands the drivers from NHSi, CCGs and the SDU and how these impact on trusts day to day, changing their priorities and shaping how they interact with energy procurement.

David Oliver, Technical Product and Insight Manager

David Oliver, Technical Product and Insight Manager

David works in Inenco’s Solution team, delivering bespoke energy and water services. He also provides strategic advice to customers and is a regular contributor to and speaker at Inenco conferences, webinars and blogs.

David works closely with all functions at Inenco to develop holistic strategies for customers. He offers advice to customers on the impact of changes in legislation and policy.


On the video we discus:

  • Why hydrogen is being suggested as an effective, net zero heating solution.
  • Whether hydrogen is really ‘green’.
  • The secondary benefits of hydrogen.
  • Practical considerations & risks associated with hydrogen.

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