Innovation Hub

By embracing innovation and best practice, today’s Energy Manager will evolve. To help today’s energy managers to bridge the gaps and challenges identified in our recent Future Utilities Manager report, and to also inspire the next generation of energy professionals, Inenco has launched the Innovation Hub.

Get Involved!

Use the hashtag #InencoHub to get involved on any of the following social media platforms. Once approved, your challenge will be shown on the social wall below and will be added to the list of suggestions for Inenco to identify a solution.



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“We're inviting the best young minds to come and help solve some of the biggest challenges in the business utility landscape”

Jon Bauer, Inenco CTO

Our Approach


Use the hashtag #InencoHub to get involved on any of the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

Expert Panel

A carefully selected panel of industry experts will prioritise the challenges submitted

Bright Spark Energy Hackathon

The challenges will then be taken forward to 'The Bright Spark Energy Hackathon’ where we will bring tomorrow's generation together with a panel of industry experts at a series of ‘hackathon events’

The Winning Solution

Following the hackathons, the panel will judge the solutions, and monetary prizes will be given to the winning teams

Future Utilities Manager

Future Utilities Manager – a new report available from Inenco looking at how the role of the energy manager has changed and offers new insight in to how the role will operate in the future.

The role of the energy manager has changed beyond recognition over the past 20 years, however the FTE cost of upskilling and recruiting in-house experts to manage the ever-growing role is often overlooked.

The Future Utilities Manager report from Inenco offers analysis as well as thought leadership on the role of the energy manager now and in the future.

Download Inenco’s Future Utilities Manager report to discover how your role will evolve over the coming years, preparing you and your business for future action.



Industry Insights and Update

Our experience in the energy and utility market has put us at the forefront of this changing landscape. Our long serving team of experts mixed with intelligent, holistic solutions help our customers make the best cost choice available to meet their objectives. Our breadth and size gives us unrivaled ability to offer knowledge, experience and pro-activity, able to react quickly to the changing market. We aim to support our customers in navigating changes to markets, policy and utility costs.