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Ofgem’s strategic review into the microbusiness energy market: Inenco response

3rd May 2019

Commenting on Ofgem’s strategic review into the microbusiness energy market, Lorraine Oldham, Enterprise Director at Inenco said:

“This is a very welcome and, some may argue, a long overdue review into the microbusiness energy market.  While some measures were put in place to better protect the UK’s microbusinesses following the CMA review in 2016 – with a certain level of success – these have clearly not gone far enough, as Ofgem has stated that microbusinesses are still not able to easily access information about prices.


“The UK’s microbusinesses are core to our economy, and small business owners have enough to manage, without worrying about whether they are getting a fair price for their energy. Using a TPI can help navigate the market for the best deal, but it is an unfortunate fact that some energy consultants and brokers have not acted responsibly towards small and microbusinesses in the past.


“Our processes and policies all follow the TPI Code of Conduct, so our microbusiness customers can be confident they are receiving the best possible service and transparent access to the full market. Therefore, a review to ensure bad practice is stopped, and customers get the service they deserve, is not an option, it is a necessity.”