Uncovering the Missing Millions

22nd March 2017

With one in every five business energy bills containing errors, Inenco believes that businesses could be sitting on half a billion pounds in inaccurate charges and miscalculated utility bills.

Are you missing out on millions?

One in five business energy bills contain mistakes, from incorrect rates to meter reading errors. Collectively, these inaccuracies could be costing businesses half a billion pounds.

Inenco has analysed thousands of business energy bills to find the most common mistakes and the costliest errors that return the biggest refunds for businesses.

At a time when energy costs are rising by 25% and businesses are facing pressures from every direction, picking the low hanging fruit of recovering historic inaccuracies and preventing future over-payment could make a big impact on the bottom line.

Download our Missing Millions report to find out more about why businesses could be paying too much on their energy bills, how each sector is impacted, and what action to take to recover your business’ missing millions.