A unique sector based approach

Our sector based team have acquired specialist knowledge and as an agnostic but experienced consultancy we have the scale, heritage and breadth to advise you on every element of your utility strategy. This approach guarantees that you will always work with people who understand the opportunities and challenges your business faces now and in the future.


Through data we can help you with maximising your production schedule, making the most out of flexible energy without any change to your performance or output.


Retail, Leisure & Charities

From evolving technology to understanding, both commodity and non commodity costs, legislation and carbon reduction projects we can help, leaving you free to run your portfolio.


Our data management provides you with validated, reliable and accurate data, accessible from our bespoke online portal to help you analyse and interpret it for tenants, regulatory requirements, and sustainability reporting.



With over 400 employees in the UK, we’re a big organisation. In fact we handle over 100k non-domestic meters – so you can be sure that you’re in safe hands. With significant experience working with service organisations across the public & private sector, Inenco can support with all elements of an energy strategy.


We can secure the best product for your energy, validate invoices to make sure you receive all available benefits, manage your traded position and take care of your reporting requirements, leaving you free to focus on business strategy safe in the knowledge that your asset is working hard for you.


Our Approach

Subject Matter Experts

Our team are experts in their field, be that manufacturing or retail portfolios, public or private sector

Understanding Challenges

We understand the challenges and pain points faced by clients in each sector

Dedicated Resource

Our dedicated resource pool of data managers, procurement specialists, engineers, analysts and more are always available to ensure flexibility


Because our dedicated resource works with others in your sector, you get consistency of service, every time