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Food & Drink Processing

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The Energy Management Experts

At Inenco, we understand that the UK’s food and drink sector continues to face mounting pressure from all sides. Rising input costs, alongside downward cost pressures from retailers, have made it more difficult than ever to maintain healthy profit margins. These issues are further compounded by the growing expectation for food processors to implement greater environmental sustainability and to deliver net zero carbon within set timeframes.

Utilising an energy strategy is one of the most effective methods of alleviating external pressures on your operation. Energy management can simultaneously help to reduce the intensity of your energy usage and greatly improve your food processing productivity and profitability.

Inenco specialises in devising and implementing bespoke energy solutions for organisations in the food and drink industry. From chilled and frozen meals to confectionary, seafood, meat processing and beverages, our experts can help organisations across the sector to optimise their energy spend without damaging production output. We currently work with over 450 of the UK’s leading manufacturing companies, making us one of the UK’s premier providers of energy management solutions.


Rising costs & pressures faced by UK food & drink manufacturers

With the recent energy price increases, manufacturers are under constant pressure to minimise production costs and lessen the impact on end-user pricing.

Using our expertise in the field, we can deliver an efficient energy management strategy that is bespoke to your organisation. Our comprehensive approach will ensure your energy use is fully optimised; paired with intelligent energy purchasing, Inenco’s expert consultancy can help your business maintain a competitive edge in your sector of the food processing market.

Key Services
  • Procurement – bespoke strategies for procuring energy.
  • Bureau – outsourcing all elements of your invoice management process.
  • Compliance – statutory and voluntary regulatory compliance services.
  • Optimisation – because the greenest, cheapest energy is that which you don’t use.
  • Metering – accurate, reliable gas and electricity metering project management.
  • Generation – feasibility, price optimisation and technical support.
  • Sustainability – helping to chart a path to net-zero carbon.
Primary Benefits
  • Mitigate energy price increases.
  • Reduce energy intensity and gain margin protection.
  • Receive help to understand the complex energy market.
  • Turn energy compliance into a business opportunity.
  • Optimise energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Benefit from billing accuracy and reporting insight.

Compliance & Environmental Sustainability

Like most areas of the UK’s economy, the food and drink sectors are currently heavily reliant on fossil fuels to remain operational. This represents a considerable challenge that is compounded by a growing population and the subsequent increase in demand for foodstuffs. As such, there is a growing need to switch to more sustainable sources.

Government legislation and reporting requirements such as Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) and Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) are placing ever greater emphasis on improving environmental performance. Inenco can ensure your organisation is not only fully compliant with all relevant legal requirements but can also help you to turn compliance into an opportunity, to create a distinct competitive advantage. This is achieved through utilising compliance as public evidence of your organisation’s commitment to building a sustainable future.

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