Bespoke energy solutions for the manufacturing industry

Helping manufacturers build their energy strategy

At Inenco we understand that energy forms a significant element of business cost to our manufacturing customers. With varying pressures on this industry, energy should be an area of opportunity for savings and efficiencies, from supply contracts and reclaiming inaccurate charges to exploring new avenues.

We understand that manufacturing in the UK is under significant pressure from increasing costs and mounting competition: the drive to cut costs has never been more important and optimising your energy strategy can contribute to that. From using less energy to receiving expert guidance on production schedules and optimising energy performance, there are many ways that energy management can support manufacturers’ overall objectives.

Our optimisation scheme can help you to review your demand and maximise your production schedule, making the most of your flexibility without impacting your performance or output. With new schemes and technologies on the horizon to support balancing the Grid, there are new ways to mitigate rising costs and generate revenue.

Sector Statistics

The numbers below are the result of hard work and dedication to what we do. What sits behind these numbers is a drive to delight our clients and perform on their behalf.


The number of the UK’s leading manufacturers we work with


The number of electricity meters within our portfolio of manufacturing clients


The number of gas meters under management with our manufacturing team


£615m / 4TWh

The total electricity spend / consumption of our manufacturing clients

£732m / 6.2TWh

The total gas spend / consumption of our manufacturing clients

10m / £6.2m

The total amount of litres and cost of oil Managed by our team on behalf of our manufacturing clients

Our Services

By choosing Inenco as your utility partner, you have at your disposal a vast array of expertise all under one roof. Our experts are specialists in building complete utility management strategies to deliver your objectives in an efficient and seamless way, designed to enable you to derive the maximum benefit from the complex world of energy management.