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  • We provide support to over 500 businesses for energy and carbon management


Inenco’s specialised Property Management team offers a tailored end-to-end energy and carbon reduction solution.

Opening the doors to a complete utility strategy in the property sector

We understand that complying with an increasing number of regulations and fluctuating energy costs is adding extra pressure on property owners and managing agents.

From satisfying tenants’ growing sustainability requirements to finding ways to reduce energy consumption and resolving the impact of missing or erroneous data, we can provide you with tailored support to achieve your objectives and remove the hassle of the complex transactions that take place within your portfolio.

We’ll help you to create a strategy to improve energy efficiency across your portfolio, from implementing new measures to meeting MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards). Our data management provides you with validated, reliable and accurate data, accessible from our bespoke online portal to help you analyse and interpret it for tenants, regulatory requirements, and sustainability reporting.

Change of Tenancy

Inenco’s data processing and analytical teams deal with a diverse range of organisations, including property managing agents, housing associations and social landlords. Our change of tenancy service will save your internal staff time and money by implementing a robust and timely process to deal with energy costs for incoming and outgoing tenants. We have also worked closely with energy suppliers on the specialist requirements of landlords and managing agents, helping them address requirements such as contract novations and backdated contracts.

Tenant Repayment

Billing tenants for their energy usage can also be a considerable burden with a substantial cost associated to it. Raising invoices, issuing them to the correct tenants using the correct calculations and ensuring these are paid takes a significant amount of time. Our outsourced tenant billing solution uses our dedicated systems and skilled data processing people to ensure that this is carried out using a robust process, keeping you informed of progress at all times.

Our full range of services

By choosing Inenco as your utility partner, you have at your disposal a vast array of expertise all under one roof. Our experts are specialists in building complete utility management strategies to deliver your objectives in an efficient and seamless way, designed to enable you to derive the maximum benefit from the complex world of energy management.