Utility Consultancy Services

We know that the ever-changing landscape of business utilities can be complex. Our long serving team of experts mixed with intelligent, holistic solutions help our customers make the best cost choice available across their utility strategy.

By choosing Inenco as your utility partner, you have at your disposal a vast array of expertise all under one roof. Our experts are specialists in building complete utility management strategies to deliver your objectives in an efficient and seamless way, designed to enable you to derive the maximum benefit from the complex world of energy management.

Helping you to manage the purchasing of anything related to business energy.
Actively searching for opportunities to ensure that your business energy is performing.
Assisting you with your utility administration, allowing you to focus on your business.
Managing complex projects & relationships to ensure accuracy of utility metering.
Ensuring legislative compliance in complex energy and environmental areas.
Managing the energy that you generate in a way that suits your business requirements.

Our Approach

Understand Your Business

Our consultants are experts at identifying the areas of your business to focus on. Our aim is to fully understand your business and its utilities requirements.

Establish Your Objectives

Once we understand your business we can work with you to set goals and objectives, outlining exactly what you want to achieve through your energy strategy.

Create a Bespoke Strategy

Once objectives are defined, we work with you to create an integrated energy strategy tailored to your business and its objectives, calling upon our established suite of products and services.

Implement & Execute

Our delivery teams are experts at what they do, with specialist teams built around each service area and reporting mechanisms in place to place you in control. Our account management tie it all together, making contact simple.