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Cost Assurance & Recovery

Invoice data analysis and cost mitigation

Inenco’s cost assurance and recovery solution ensures that all your utility invoices have been checked and gives you the peace of mind that your utility costs are being reviewed by our in-house experts.

Cost Assurance
Through systematic invoice validation

Our clients simply want to pay the right price for the correctly metered utilities, whilst minimising the administrative burden and remaining focused on the organisation’s core outcomes.

But research shows 1 in 5 utility bills are wrong and that a robust data assurance and invoice validation process can yield savings of up to 8% vs. original invoiced values. The process of providing data assurance and invoice validation can often be diversionary for in-house teams and increases costs and impedes the delivery of core strategic outcomes.

Our data assurance team validate utility invoices received for electricity, gas and water. The validation process maintains an accurate database of the utility costs and ensures any oversights made by suppliers are corrected and the right cost assured.

The team at Inenco can draw upon over 50 years of embedded corporate memory together with the expertise, scale and systems to successfully validate over 1 million invoices for our clients each year.


Cost Recovery
Through retrospective audit and ongoing analysis

In recent times it has become increasingly difficult for organisations to be confident of paying the right non-commodity charges on increasingly complicated utility bills and maximising the opportunity to return cash to the organisation.

The make-up of utility bills has changed over the last 10 years with a growing plethora of taxes and levies. The statutory provision for a 6-year retrospective audit provides an opportunity to return substantive cash to an organisation.

And so as well as cost assurance through invoice validation we undertake a retrospective audit to examine the component parts of a utility invoice, driving savings out of all elements of the supply chain and recovering costs from previously paid invoices for up to six years. We go on to provide insight and recommendations on strategies that will mitigate costs going forward.

Our teams have widespread experience in the evolving landscape of taxes and levies that make up utility non-commodity charges and have also advised public bodies and helped shape their implementation. This insight is aligned with highly skilled and tenacious data analysts who can mine historic data for anomalies; to unearth both historic cost recovery and also propose strategies to achieve ongoing savings.

Why Choose Inenco?

We are the reporting experts – Inenco’s cost assurance and insight team process and validate over 1 million invoices for our clients per annum and we recovered over £11m in over-charges for our clients in the last year.

Having all your electricity, gas and water invoices processed by a single provider relieves your internal support functions of the considerable burden of processing invoices for payment.

Our Bureau services enable you to outsource all elements of the complete invoice management process, from validation of the invoices right the way through to analysis of consumption, for the complete peace of mind you get when you know all your utilities are being proactively managed, in one place.

Whether you have a single site with a single electricity meter or a sprawling portfolio of thousands of sites, we can provide you with a benefit through our invoice validation solution.


Our Approach

Invoice Validation

We check key elements of all utility bills

Cost Assurance

An accurate database of true costs enables us to correct the errors with suppliers

Retrospective Audit

Ongoing retrospective audit to hunt down and return cash

Report & Insight

Regular updates on our findings and opportunities for ongoing savings