Managing complex projects & relationships to ensure accuracy of utility metering

With an increasing focus on effective energy management, many of our clients are embarking upon metering rollouts to give them access to reliable data for their portfolio.

Inenco can provide a comprehensive range of connection and metering services and with our dedicated in-house metering team we can advise on everything from half hourly data to adjustments and supply-point location.

We can provide a fully project managed service against all metering services – so whether it’s placing metering contracts, installing AMR, submetering or conducting siteworks, we will work closely with you to establish an understanding of your business so that metering can be installed with the minimum of disruption.

Metering Contract Management

Metering contracts are an often overlooked but important facet of implementing effective energy management. Whether it be adding a new connection at a new site or upgrading your meter  at an existing site, we’ve got it covered.

Metering Project Management

Inenco offer a fully managed metering project management service, designed to help put you firmly in control of your business metering. Aborted visit charges, un-scheduled down time and contractors who are unable to access sites can cause significant problems.  Engaging with Inenco’s project management solution takes away the complicated and time consuming process of dealing with multiple counterparties. With our dedicated team of project managers we will handle the complete process on your behalf, providing milestone updates and ensuring things remain within budget and on plan.


Supplier Management

Our long-standing relationships with metering providers allow us to negotiate better terms on your behalf and provide an unbiased recommendation to you based upon our understanding of your requirements.

Our internal systems can analyse varying metering contract offers and are able to provide a balanced view to ensure that the offers you receive are transparent and costed accurately.

Because of the relationships we hold and the volume of metering projects and contracts we place, we can use our influence to push for quicker lead times & resolutions for any issues that may arise, ensuring things run to plan.

We are also able to offer an independent legal review of supplier terms and conditions to ensure that you have full visibility of any contentious clauses or penalties that may exist.

“Managing thousands of metering contracts every year, we have the ability to resolve issues quickly and reduce lead times, ensuring metering projects are delivered on time. ”

Samantha Crofts-Ahern - Head of Client Service Delivery

Why choose Inenco?

Our metering experts specialise in the metering space across utilities and negotiate thousands of metering contracts every year.

Whilst taking away the complicated and time consuming process of dealing with multiple counterparties for meter connections, your single point of contact on the Inenco metering team will keep you regularly updated on progress and let you know where the relevant parties’ responsibilities lie.

We have a proven track record of managing large scale nationwide rollouts across diverse portfolios, dealing with multiple providers in the process. The key to our metering solution is effective communication both with the industry stakeholders and with you as our client, making sure that everyone is kept informed and pushing to ensure that the work is being done with the minimum of disruption and within the required timescales.

Our Approach

A holistic approach

We take a holistic approach to your utility management across both supply and metering

Getting value

taking into account your entire portfolio and getting you the best deal available

Simplicity despite complexity

We handle the complex data requirements and present our findings to you in a simple, easy to understand way.

Regular Updates

Our supplier management team will keep you updated at every stage of the process.