Metering Contract Management

Solutions to meet your metering requirements

The Simplest Approach

Inenco can provide a comprehensive range of connection and metering services, designed to help put you firmly in control of your business metering. With our dedicated in-house metering team, we can advise on everything from half hourly data, to adjustments and supply-point location.

For any 00 profile half hourly meter (HH meter) there must be an appointed Data Collector and Data Aggregator (DC/DA) who can dial into your HH meter, obtain and validate the half hourly data and then provide this to your supplier for billing purposes. These DC/DA appointments can either be contracted directly or your supplier/energy consultant can elect to appoint a preferred DC/DA for you.  Our metering experts can help you navigate this market particularly in light of P272 changes and can help you to select the best contract for your business.

“There are real savings to be made across metering contracts from meter operation to data collection and aggregation, especially as P272 changes take effect. ”

Samantha Crofts-Aherne, Head of Operational Excellence, Inenco

Take control of your metering contracts

We have extensive experience of carrying out MOP DC/DA consolidation exercises and have unearthed significant savings for our customers. Our experts will guide you through this process from start to finish, highlighting any information that you need to be aware of and always recommending the best solution for your business.

Our Expert Team

Using our specialist team to investigate your MOP DC/DA arrangements takes away the complicated and time consuming process of gathering this information across your portfolio.

Under our solution we will evaluate your HH portfolio, establishing who your appointed DC/DA is, their fees and contract start and end dates. We will then summarise our findings and contact you when new meter operator contracts are required.

We will recommend an alternative if savings can be achieved or negotiate better terms with the existing meter operator if you are with a preferred provider.

Who can take advantage of Inenco's Metering Contract Management?

The Inenco Complete MOP DC/DA solution is open to any business with half hourly (00 profile) meters. This is of particular benefit if you are a large multi-site organisation, particularly if information is fragmented across sites.

We will provide you with access to our in-house meter operations team, who have extensive experience of the metering and connections industry.

What Information Do We Need To Get Started?
  • Your full site and meter site list
  • A valid Letter of Authority
  • Any information you hold on your HH meter sites.

Why Choose Inenco?

Our MOP DC/DA service gives you the ability to consolidate contracts to ensure consistent charging rates across your portfolio, giving you an immediate cost saving and ensuring effective data flows from your HH supplies.

Our long-standing relationships with metering providers allow us to negotiate better terms on your behalf. We are also able to offer an independent legal review of supplier terms and conditions to ensure that you have full visibility of any contentious clauses or penalties that may exist.