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MOP DC/DA Contract Management

Solutions to meet your metering requirements

What is MOP DC/DA?

Half-hourly (HH) metering is mandatory for all businesses with a peak load electricity usage above 100kW, and any meters covered by P272 (05 – 08 NHH profiles). Under this mandatory requirement all HH meters are required to have a Meter Operator (MOP), as well as a Data Collection/Data Aggregation (DC/DA) provider. Payment for these services form a part of the non-commodity costs on your invoice.

What are the elements?

Meter Operator agreement (MOP)
This covers the installation of the meter, maintenance and necessary communication equipment for sending data consumption.

Data Collector (DC)
Data Collectors are responsible for collecting data from the metering systems and validate the metering data. This data is forwarded on to the Data Aggregator.

Data Aggregator (DA)
The Data Aggregator receives the data from the Data Collector(s) so that this can be validated and used for billing.

From 1st April 2017 all non-half-hourly (NHH) meters in profile classes 05 – 08 should have been switched over to being HH settled. These meters will now be legally required to have appointed MOP, DC/DA contracts.

Contract durations

Metering contracts typically run for five years. Your energy supplier will appoint a default MOP DC/DA on your behalf if there is not a contract already in place, and the charges for this will be passed through on your supply contract giving no visibility of the charges. By splitting out the charges, it gives the ability to consolidate and negotiate them.

The Meter Operator Agreement (MOP) charges are made up of 2 parts;

• Meter & Maintenance Charge
• Communication Service Fee

Meter & Maintenance Charge

When Metering Equipment is first registered in Settlement, it must comply with the requirements which are set out in the relevant Code of Practice in place at that time. Codes of Practice (COP) detail the technical requirements for Metering Systems. HH Settlement is categorised by COP5, COP3 and COP2 meters:

COP5 | Less than 1MW
For single HH installed meters

COP3 | 1MW to 10MW
For a main and check meter recording the same load. Main is used for billing and check for accuracy control

COP2 | 10MW to 100MW
Same set up as COP3 but the two meters have a higher class of accuracy to account for the large range

COP10 | Less than 72 kWh
For single HH installed whole current meter (relevant to P272)

Communication Service Fee

This is the charge for the communication maintenance. Usually categorised as;

• GSM – a mobile device which is connected to the meter, and remotely reads the meter by signal
• PSTN / BT – this is a BT network of standard land lines. These elements are usually detailed on the MOP contract, as different Code of Practice and communication fees have different associated costs


Who needs MOP DC/DA contract management?

The Inenco Complete MOP DC/DA solution is open to any business with HH (00 profile) meters. This is most beneficial if you are a large multi-site organisation, particularly if information is fragmented across sites.

We will provide you with access to our in-house project team, who have extensive experience of the metering and connections industry.

What Information Do We Need to Get Started?

  • Your full site and meter site list
  • A valid Letter of Authority
  • Any information you hold on your HH meter sites.

Why is it important?

MOP DC/DA might not be something that you are familiar with, however, these charges are built into your energy prices as it is a mandatory requirement.

Metering contracts are often overlooked but sourcing the right MOP DC/DA contracts can assist you with the reduction of your energy consumption and costs through receiving accurate and timely energy data.

How can Inenco help?

Our team will establish the current contractual position, and work to consolidate your MOP contracts.

We can undertake a contract review to source more competitive options

We fully manage the process to switch process whilst also informing the energy supplier

Providing you access to your data

We work with a variety of Meter Operators and Data Collectors, and have excellent working relationships with energy suppliers, Data Collectors and Meter Operators.