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Intelligent Demand Management

Unlocking savings and new revenue streams

Finding new ways to mitigate rising costs

The energy market is undergoing rapid change. Rising non-commodity charges such as network costs mean businesses need to take action to mitigate impact on the bill, but more renewable generation feeding onto the energy system means business flexibility is increasingly in demand. Organisations able to manage their demand are well placed to turn this changing marketplace into an opportunity.

Inenco’s experts will work closely with your business to understand what flexibility you have, from assets such as refrigeration to technology such as on-site generators. By reviewing your consumption patterns and understanding your critical business processes, we can identify when and how to reduce consumption and navigate the different opportunities to find the right strategy to meet your organisation’s needs.

“Demand Response is becoming a crucial element of a business' energy strategy to avoid costly charges and unlock new revenues. We can help to turn risks into new opportunities.”

Lorcan Anglin, Head of Energy Reduction

Demand Response

Demand response can deliver major benefits but  understanding when and how to reduce consumption and navigate the different opportunities can be complex. Inenco’s experts analyse your consumption patterns and identify opportunities to reduce usage or switch to on-site generation without affecting operational performance

Earn revenue by reducing demand

Businesses have an important role to play in helping the National Grid keep the system balanced during periods of high system demand. By turning down consumption or switching to on-site generation where available, businesses can earn additional revenue through one of a number of National Grid schemes.

We can work with you to understand where flexibility lies within your organisation and identify the right scheme for you, from committing to reduce or shift consumption away from peak periods under the Capacity Market, to participating in Frequency Response schemes by instantly responding when system frequency dips to ensure security of supply.

Avoid costly network charge

Network charges also peak during the winter period and/or at certain times of the day when demand is highest on the system. Reducing consumption or switching to on-site generation at specific times to avoid DUoS red zones can make a big impact on the bottom line.

Managing demand more intelligently between November and February is increasingly important: not only can this help to avoid TRIAD periods, impacting transmission network charges, but from winter 2017 this will also reduce Capacity Market charges on the bill.

Maximise efficiency

Demand Response isn’t just for winter: intelligent use of on-site generation and Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) can release significant savings, optimising consumption and reducing costs. Inenco can provide your business with the complete energy insight required to achieve this.