• Inenco has 25TW (£2.4bn) energy under management, which could power the whole of Ireland for an entire year!
  • We have one quarter of the total energy use by UK Industry under management
  • Our customers are paying 48% less than the market price for their gas commodity. That's a saving of £480k per £1m that would have been spent
  • Our experts process over 93,000 invoices per month and we've recovered over £11m in over-charges for our clients in the last year
  • Inenco look after 8,000 customers across the group, managing 140,000+ meter sites
  • We provide support to over 500 businesses for energy and carbon management
  • Inenco supported over 320 organisations with ESOS Phase 1 compliance and carried out more energy surveys than any other independent consultant in the UK
  • Our solutions team have identified savings of £37.5m per annum for our clients, a total of 495,338,992 kWh savings identified
  • Last year we saved our CCA clients alone £25.5m


Identifying every opportunity to reduce cost and consumption across a business.

Discovering opportunities for tangible savings

Our analysts use the latest tools and software modelling to get under the skin of your energy portfolio. We conduct cost and consumption audits, from retrospective analysis to deep dive analytics to form a detailed picture of how, when and where energy is used. The result is an informed view of your organisation’s energy usage and recommendations to make a tangible difference to your bottom line. We can also conduct a targeted cost analysis, reviewing fiscal information to validate charging data to recover cost from up to six years of invoices and ensure total accuracy of current charges, to drive savings across all elements of the supply chain.

Targeted Cost Analysis

Our Targeted Cost Analysis solution goes beyond a standard retrospective audit. We apply forensic analysis to your historical bills, looking beyond the invoices to examine the component parts that make up the bill, driving savings out of all elements of the supply chain and enabling you to recover cost from previously paid invoices for up to six years.

This level of investigation goes far beyond that of a standard verification or audit service, liaising with the back office industry operators themselves to uncover potential savings. Not only does this process generate ongoing savings on your energy invoices but it can also generate significant refunds from the suppliers. Our analysts have established relationships across the supply chain and our experience in cost audits enables us to use our influence to negotiate harder on your behalf, to escalate issues and bring them to a conclusion quickly.

In any organisation that is striving to manage energy effectively, it is key to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of reduced energy cost and accurate billing and data from suppliers. We understand this challenge and have vast experience of acting on our clients behalf to escalate issues to the highest level. This is why our Discovery Targeted Cost Analysis service has been so successful for our clients, because we act as your energy partner, address the issues you face and act as an advocate for you in a wide range of scenarios.

The benefit of ongoing savings and retrospective refunds can also be reinvested. Some clients opt to take the cash saving, while others opt to use the money to fund projects, to invest in low energy technologies or renewables. Because of the way this work is funded, we carry out the work on a no win no fee basis, which means that there is no downside to carrying out the exercise.

What kind of organisation is this product designed for?

Discovery Targeted Analysis is a benefit to any organisation who uses electricity, gas or water. The most significant savings are typically realised for clients with HH meter sites or those with complex, multi-use portfolios.

What information do we need to get started?
  • A current Letter of Authority to deal with the suppliers;
  • Access to up to 6 years of historical invoices and/or supply contracts;
  • Site and meter site details;
  • Information regarding CCL and VAT declarations and if you reclaim any VAT.

Ultimate Cost Analysis

Using pioneering techniques, we tie together advanced data mining techniques, intuitive date visualisation and experienced energy engineering insight to give you an in depth multi-faceted view of your energy use. Our analysts use multi-variable analysis of half hourly data to discover how your energy consumption came about. This includes using advanced software to overlay many variables including degree day weather data, production hours, processes and many more.

This approach unearths undetected wastage. Once our deep dive is complete, we suggest practical solutions and make recommendations to deliver measurable savings across your portfolio.

Under Discovery Ultimate Cost Analysis we use multi-variable analysis of half hourly data to discover how your energy consumption came about. This includes using advanced software to overlay many variables including degree day weather data, production hours, processes and many more. This approach unearths undetected wastage and suggests practical solutions to these issues. Advanced metering is becoming increasingly prevalent as OFGEM mandate the suppliers to use smart metering for billing purposes.

These devices generate masses of data, but organisations rarely put this data to good use, extracting real insight and deriving value from the data.

What is the benefit to you?

Our solution enables you to make tangible monetary savings from energy reduction for little initial outlay. We take the lead on energy reduction for your business, providing you with a cost effective service that delivers value to your business. Often we find that organisations have invested heavily in smart metering but found that this has not produced the savings that they hoped for. By taking a structured approach to analysing this meter data, we help deliver value from these investments.

Conventional data analysis often takes a desk based approach, producing reports and statistics about energy use which fail to translate into real world savings. Our approach produces conclusions and practical suggestions for implementation, to deliver measurable savings.

What kind of organisation is this product designed for?

Any organisation who has access to good quality energy data for their portfolio that wants to make the best use of it. It may be that you have invested in AMR or smart metering but do not use the data. It may be that you have HH supplies but lack the real insight to understand your usage patterns. If this is the case, we can help.

What information do we need to get started?
  • Any half- hourly energy data, from fiscal meters, AMR meters or sub meters;
  • Production data for manufacturers, operating hours, opening hours;
  • Information on operating patterns, shift patterns, timing of production runs etc.

“Discover hidden waste through advanced data mining techniques and forensic analysis to truly understand your consumption profile.”

Lorcan Anglin - Head of Energy Reduction
Why Choose Inenco?

Our dedicated Discovery analysts combine significant experience with the latest tools and techniques to conduct thorough investigations and provide proven recommendations and results. We take a structured approach to extract real insight from the data we mine, and our established supplier relationships enable us to conclude investigations swiftly to deliver tangible savings.