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  • We provide support to over 500 businesses for energy and carbon management


Delivering market-leading energy procurement

By understanding your specific needs; we tailor an approach that provides the right procurement strategy for your organisation.

Our team of energy procurement specialists monitor the wholesale market, analysing prices daily to ensure that your procurement strategy works for you. Through years of experience and access to the market via multiple platforms, we constantly review fundamentals that drive market performance.

The recent energy price spikes have meant that taking an active role in mitigating the problems associated with market turbulence is increasingly important.
With an over 50-year heritage, the team at Inenco can share with you our experience and insight that goes with navigating the impact of the Middle East Wars in the 70s, the miners’ strikes in the 80s, market deregulation in the 90s and the global economic downturn in the 00s.

Managing a combined energy procurement of £2.5 billion for over 500 corporate customers and a team of nearly 300 experts; should also give you the confidence that we can deliver a reliable outcome.

Our Expertise

Our expert team has a long track record of delivering positive outcomes for our customers based on 5 key principles:

  • Risk management scoping process – Picking the right strategy for your organisation, at the right time and contracting for the right length.
  • Sustainability options – As an advocate for sustainability, we will help you understand your options and make you as green as possible for the right price.
  • Selecting the right supplier – Minimising the chance of supplier service failings and the indirect costs this brings.
  • Optimising price – Securing a great price based on the chosen trading strategy via our in-house expert Trading Team.
  • On-going management – We continue to keep you updated with market trends and opportunities, keeping you updated and working with you to understand price, position and strategy considerations.
Flexible Purchasing - Electricity & Gas

This is a bespoke, transparent product offering that provides access to the wholesale market supported by the application of a bespoke purchasing/risk management strategy. Inenco’s Risk Management Team utilise their extensive knowledge to find the most appropriate supplier and product to match your objectives with a proven track record of creating value through both the tender process and optimising the strategy.

This approach tends to be most relevant for larger / sophisticated energy buyers with a typical spend of over £2M.

Options Portfolio - Electricity & Gas

Our Options portfolios allow us to aggregate a number of clients to enable access to the benefits that buying on the wholesale market can bring. We find that this approach best suits mid-sized energy consumers, who want to take a more informed approach to energy procurement and are willing to accept a modest approach to risk but with the opportunity to achieve better outcome energy buying versus buying at a fixed price. With the guidance of our Procurement Specialists, Options Portfolio gives you control over the level of risk you wish to take and allows you to apportion your volume across a number of strategies with different risk levels, all with pre-agreed parameters and managed by our Trading Team desk.

This approach is normally adopted by organisations with a typical spend of £500K to £3M.

Fixed Price Purchasing - Electricity, Gas & Water

There are diverse reasons why fixed-price procurement may be the best fit for your business, and Inenco has the solutions to help you get the most from your fixed-price contracts. Fixed-price contracts are the simplest approach to energy purchasing. Under a fixed contract you make a single transaction at the prevailing commodity price and this is the price you pay for the full contract duration. Inenco seeks to optimise your price by recommending the timing and duration of supply contract placement.

In our experience this best suits small to mid-sized energy consumers with a typical spend of less that £500K

Delivering market leading energy procurement

The value we can add to your organisation:

  • Protecting budgets and providing cost certainty
  • Removing complexity, saving you time and freeing up resources so that you can prioritise the things that matter to your customers
  • Enabling you to support your net zero journey through green procurement
  • Delivering a competitive price for your utilities, providing an opportunity to maximise your margins
  • Knowledge, insights and experience that can be relied on

“Inenco’s procurement team place thousands of contracts every year on behalf of our clients and our award-winning energy buying team have a proven track record of delivering significant financial benefit on behalf of our clients.”

Stuart Lea - Head of Procurement Services

Our Approach

Your requirements

We take time to understand your supply contracts requirements and advise the best options available to you.

Your strategy

Taking account of your business objectives we will recommend the optimal strategy available to you.


Our expert trading team will optimise the price that you pay.

Reporting Results

We will keep you updated on market movements, traded and position and benefits achieved.