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Fixed Procurement

Giving you total price certainty for the duration of your energy contract

Fixed-price energy procurement – A solution to meet your energy objectives

This is the simplest of our solutions and provides a one-time price fix covering a set supply period.

In our experience this best suits small to mid-sized energy consumers with a typical spend <£500K, who want to take a simple approach to energy purchasing; at the point of contracting. It provides price certainty for the supply period contracted for.
We put suppliers under competitive pressure to minimise margins, but our priority is on optimising the timing and length of contracting – if prices are low, we are likely to advise a long term contract, but if prices are high then a shorter contract may be more appropriate.

Get absolute price certainty

Our fixed price offering allows you to take a position in the market and lock in a fixed price should prevailing prices be favourable. However, we can also help you take a strategic approach, waiting for the market to present an opportunity before making a transaction. Our energy buying team will watch the markets for you, focusing on fixing your price at an advantageous time and for the right duration,  allowing you to concentrate on managing your business.

Fixed-price contracts are open to all businesses, but typically they are best suited to smaller-sized energy users, for whom energy does not make up a large proportion of their costs. They are ideal for those who require a high degree of price certainty.

“By selecting a fixed price contract, businesses can enjoy the peace of mind that their energy costs are locked in for the duration of the contract, giving total price certainty”

Stuart Lea, Head of Procurement Services

Our Approach


We will agree with you your requirements and the strategy we should adopt in terms of timing and duration of contracting

Approach suppliers

At the right time we negotiate with a range of appropriate suppliers who match and can deliver to your requirements

Analyse results

Our Procurement Specialists will analyse the results and report back with recommendations. This analysis will ensure that all offers are being compared on a like for like basis.

Place contracts

We can place your supply contracts with your preferred supplier, ensuring that offered terms are applied