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Fixed Procurement

Giving you total price certainty for the duration of your energy contract

A solution to meet your energy objectives

There are diverse reasons why fixed price procurement may be the best fit for your business – perhaps you’re looking for price certainty, or you only want to make one procurement decision, for example – and Inenco have the solutions to help you get the most from your fixed price contracts.

Fixed price contracts are the simplest approach to the wholesale electricity and gas markets, with just one purchasing decision required. Under a fixed contract, you make a single transaction at a prevailing commodity price and this is the price you pay for the full contract duration.

Get absolute price certainty

Our fixed price offering allows you to take a position in the market quickly and lock in a fixed price should prevailing prices be favourable, but we can also help you to take a strategic approach, waiting for the market to present an opportunity before making a transaction. Our award-winning energy buying team will watch the markets for you, focusing on fixing your price at an advantageous time and allowing you to concentrate on managing your business.

Once it’s fixed, it’s fixed: the price cannot be reversed once the contract is in place. You can also fix some or all of the non-commodity pass-through costs, according to your requirement for full price certainty.

Fixed price contracts are open to all businesses, but typically they are best suited to small to medium sized energy users, for whom energy does not make up a large proportion of their budget costs. They are ideal for those who require a high degree of price certainty.


Water Procurement

Effective water management and water tendering specifically can yield significant savings, whether you are a water intensive organisation or otherwise. As well as usage charges, uplifts such as surface water drainage can be incorrectly calculated or wrongly charged.

Our specialist water team has full access to all water retailers and work to a robust tendering process ensuring that the maximum number of offers is obtained, taking into account all of your requirements from the contract and encouraging maximum participation. We then benchmark the offers and provide a transparent recommendation of the best contract for your organisation’s needs.

Our offering means that rather than focusing on your water usage and costs, you can concentrate on the core priorities of your business, while our experts secure you the best water supply contracts for your business.

“By selecting a fixed price contract, businesses can enjoy the peace of mind that their energy costs are locked in for the duration of the contract, giving total price certainty”

Stuart Lea, Head of Energy Trading.
Why choose Inenco

Inenco’s utility procurement team are the most experienced in the market and have a proven track record of outperforming the market on behalf of our clients. Because fixed price procurement only allows one opportunity to place a contract, timing is crucial to ensure that you achieve the best available price in the prevailing market. Our traders have access to a range of market intelligence sources, from commodity markets to long range weather forecasting, to give a complete view of market influences. This enables us to balance risk and place your contract at the optimum moment.

We provide total transparency throughout the procurement process, giving you a full view of all offers we receive. We’ll also use our experience to negotiate better supplier margins for you – we don’t simply accept the standard price that’s offered to clients and consultants.

We will focus on not only optimising the price we achieve for you, but also ensuring that the contracts we place are the perfect fit for your unique business needs. We’ll give you a firm recommendation, based on all of these factors, and we can complete the tender process on your behalf.

What information do we need to get started?
  • Your full site and meter site list
  • Your supply agreements and renewal dates
  • 12 months of Half Hourly data
  • 12 months of invoices per meter site (or 12 months of consumption data)
  • Estimates of planned changes affecting future consumption
  • A signed LOA

Our Approach

Aggregate your portfolio

We will gather the required data to take a view of your portfolio and requirements

Approach suppliers

We negotiate with a range of suppliers and get offers from the full available market

Analyse results

Our procurement specialists will analyse the results and report back with recommendations

Place contracts

We can place your supply contracts with your preferred supplier, ensuring that offered terms are applied