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Strong relationships with a wide supplier network ensure that our clients get the best energy rates

 Inenco work with a wide range of gas and electricity suppliers in order to get the very best deal on behalf of thousands of organisations.

Inenco work for you, saving you and your business thousands on your energy bills each year, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Secure energy rates with one to five year deals

Tracking energy rates can be a time consuming business, especially when you’ve got more important things to do. With Inenco, you can access a wide variety of supply contracts from a single point of contact.

Securing favourable energy rates for up to five years can provide complete peace of mind and allow you to accurately budget for the future. Equally, if energy rates aren’t attractive, locking into a one year deal to avoid out-of-contract rates might be the right thing to do.

Inenco have the expertise to help you understand the best options for your business and access to the relevant products to meet your requirements.

Go green with eco-friendly renewable only tariffs

If looking after the environment is important to your business, Inenco has access to a number of environmentally-friendly tariffs that could be your perfect partner.

Green tariffs are 100% made up from Solar, Wind, Hydro & Bio-Generation sources. The energy that you receive is exactly the same, but the supplier that you buy it from will ensure that the mix of generation sources that they use match their customer profile.

Green tariffs are rising in popularity and as a result, the cost of environmentally friendly tariffs is reducing. Why not join the revolution? Ask your energy expert at Inenco about our green tariff options.

Tariffs for half hourly & non half hourly meters

Inenco have access to some great energy deals for both half-hourly (HH) and non half-hourly (NHH) meters.

NHH meters measure energy usage between two individual reads and are charged at a flat unit rate per quantity of energy used. In contrast to this, HH meter sites record a reading every half an hour with time of day charges applied based on actual usage during peak periods.

For some, the difficulties caused by HH meters is often too much to handle, but at Inenco our energy experts specialise in bringing clarity to the most complex situations, identifying the best energy rates combined with seamless customer service.


Our Approach

We talk

Our helpful and friendly staff are ready to save you time and money

We find

Building an energy package that suits your business needs

We secure

Ensuring that we are providing you with the best market options for you

We ensure

Overseeing the transfer, supply and delivery of your energy so you can get on with the important things

No fee is charged for the initial cost analysis, which will analyse existing contracts to identify opportunities for savings. Where a contract tender is provided, Inenco charge a commission, which is typically mitigated by savings achieved.