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Your business' running costs needn't be through the roof. Switching your gas supplier can dramatically help with reducing your energy costs, so why not save today?

Inenco are one of the UK’s leading energy procurement specialists with over 20 years experience helping thousands of businesses just like yours, save time and money when it comes to energy management.

Focused on Results

We always search for the best energy tariff for you dependent upon your budget, requirements and aims. This is why over 8,000 businesses save thousands on their energy costs each year by working with Inenco.

How do Inenco add value?

Running a business can be overwhelming, but we can help reduce your energy costs through a bespoke energy buying strategy set out by you and your account manager to support your overall objectives.

Inenco work for your business to ensure that you get the best possible deal on your energy contracts, but that’s not all. We also work to ensure that contracts start correctly and on time and that you receive the level of service that you expect from your supplier.

We work with a wide range of suppliers in order to meet the needs of a wide range of organisations.

Prepare your business for the days ahead

Running a business is demanding, time-consuming and costly but it is often possible to avoid high energy costs by switching your gas supplier. We’re sure you’ll agree that your time is better spent running your own business than dealing with energy suppliers. Inenco can review all of your business’ gas requirements and ensure that you are getting the best energy at the best price for you.

Why Inenco?

We successfully purchase business gas for tens of thousands of sites annually including offices, factories and retailers. We have access to a wide variety of suppliers and can put together bespoke tariffs based on your requirements and business needs.

At Inenco, you will have access to a range of experts with knowledge of the industry and the ability to resolve any queries you might have. We can provide you with accurate, detailed advice so that you can reduce your energy running costs and achieve savings on your energy bill. Our advice is uncomplicated and quickly delivered.